Breast augmentation: local or general anesthesia?

Breast augmentation is a aesthetic surgery which is generally performed using general anesthesia in patients, that is, you will be completely asleep throughout the intervention. Believe it or not, sometimes breast augmentation is performed by applying local anesthesia to patients. This happens because many think that by applying general anesthesia it is possible not to wake up.  […]

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Symptoms after breast augmentation

The Cosmetic surgeries They are common today, to restore that youthful and radiant appearance to the body. One of the most common is breast surgery, whether to reduce its size, increase it or lift the bust. However, few know what the symptoms are after breast augmentation and what activities you can do while you suffer from them.

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What is cosmetic surgery?

A cosmetic surgery is an intervention that is performed to improve the person’s appearance, depending on what you want to achieve. You can do fat removal, incorporation of fats or synthetic elements to increase a desired area. The results are usually those desired, as long as the patient follows the surgeon’s instructions. Factors you should

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