Abdominal swelling after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the Cosmetic surgeries most performed worldwide. Today, there are different techniques to perform breast enlargement. However, this process has a series of stages that sometimes cause concern in patients. Among these: Abdominal swelling after breast augmentation

When we see in photos the final finish of a Breast augmentation, we were delighted by the shape, size and naturalness of the chest, so much so that we believe that if it were only operated on it would remain that way, and that is not the case.

The truth is that, during the healing period, your body will not allow you to see the results during the first weeks, you must be calm and follow your doctor’s instructions.

One of the symptoms What most worries patients who undergo this procedure is,

Abdominal swelling after breast augmentation is normal

You should know that abdominal swelling after breast augmentation is totally normal, many patients complain of having gained weight after surgery, but it is the expected reaction of the body after having undergone a procedure. surgical.

One of the ways in which the body reflects the trauma caused during the operation is inflammation or swelling, and bruising is also likely to occur.

In this way, while we notice abdominal swelling after breast augmentation, the body tries to repair and replace injured tissues. Your legs and arms may also swell due to fluid retention.

How long does abdominal inflammation last?

Strain, injured muscles or tendons, and inflammation is a temporary stage that reaches its peak during the first 3 days, then gradually disappears. Most of the swelling disappears by the middle of the third month.

That is why you should not worry, it is normal, it is part of the adaptation and healing process.

Signs of inflammation are:

  • Redness and pain in the area to be healed.
  • Slightly elevated temperature in the breasts.
  • Wider or more voluminous skin, due to swelling.
  • Appearance of bruises and fluid retention.

Why does abdominal swelling occur after breast augmentation?

As we had already mentioned before, abdominal inflammation after breast augmentation occurs because the body tries to heal the tissues, but there are several reasons why the inflammation process usually lasts several months. Some of the reasons are:

Lack of physical activity.

During the recovery time, your physical activity is greatly reduced, since you must rest, not make sudden movements, nor lift very heavy objects. Lack of activity can cause fluid retention, increased swelling and distension.

After the indicated period and by doctor’s orders, you will gradually return to your physical activities and gradually the inflammation will disappear and you will regain your weight.

Lymphatic system

During surgery it is likely that the lymphatic system, responsible for fighting infections and foreign bodies in the body, is affected, which is why the patient is reminded that inflammation is a natural response after surgery. It’s part of healing.

intravenous fluid

During the procedure, you will be connected to machines that will administer intravenous fluids to keep sodium levels stable, and thus replace lost fluids during the time the operation takes.

Typically, the administered fluid is one of the culprits of inflammation as the body tries to regulate fluid levels throughout the recovery period.

As you can see, inflammation or swelling is a normal and necessary stage to achieve a successful recovery, your body adapts to the new changes as it heals. 

Remember to attend your postoperative appointments and report any irregular symptoms to your doctor.