3 Requirements to have a mammoplasty

Breast augmentation surgery or mammoplasty is one of the most frequently performed operations in the United States and the world. This allows these feminine attributes to increase, whether due to disagreement with their size, their loss due to breastfeeding a baby or as a result of breast cancer.

Whatever the reason, it is advisable to know if you can have the surgery or not. Actually this is not so much because of age, although there are certain recommendations regarding this. But the most limiting thing is the physical conditions you present, as well as psychological ones, that can prevent this procedure from being carried out.

Physical requirements of a mammoplasty

As for age, there are certainly no impediments, although it is not advisable to do this type of aesthetic surgery in developing adolescent. This is because the breasts may still be developing, therefore the implants can move. In addition, they can grow even more and can be to the patient’s liking.

Among the ages at which mammoplasty is most frequently performed is between 20 and 30 years. Regarding their physical condition, patients must be in good health. This implies that they cannot have other conditions, such as heart, respiratory, or cardiovascular problems. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Other important aspects that our specialists recommend is that the patient lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes a healthy diet, without addictions to alcohol, tobacco or other psychotropic substances. If the woman exercises it is an additional plus, so that she can have the surgery.

Psychological requirements

Regarding the requirements of the patient’s mental state, it is first recommended that it be stable. The person cannot have low self-esteem, or think that everything will change by having the mammoplasty. The truth is that you will look more beautiful yes, but it does not imply that surgery will solve all your problems.

It is recommended that the person be patient, since they will have to endure a fairly strict post-operative rest. In addition to carrying out some postoperative mammoplasty activities, so that the cosmetic surgery has the desired effects.

A first consultation is always essential

It is always advisable to consult with a doctor specializing in mammoplasty, so that he can examine you and proceed to examine your body. To do this, he will send you several medical tests to determine if your body is suitable for surgery, or you will have to do some prior therapy.

The mammoplasty specialists Riviera Medical Center They will help you throughout the entire process, telling you which tests are necessary and some therapies so that everything goes well during the operation. They will also help you in postoperative care, showing the best path to follow, according to your personal condition.

It is recommended that you follow the instructions of the treating doctor, since he knows what the state of your body is from the first appointment until the moment the operation is performed. We also suggest that you go to appointments frequently, so that I can review your progress, okay.

What is the ideal size?

If you are asked what is the ideal size for you, the first thing you should do is ask yourself how you want to look. It is true that large breasts can make a woman shine, but in excess they can cause discomfort. You must consider some elements such as your size, back strength and if you have any back or cervical problems.

It should be noted that a breast augmentation can cause discomfort and back conditions, if the breast size is excessively large. For this reason we suggest that you choose a size that looks great for your body, but that does not affect your health. For this you can consult with our specialists and they will give you the best option.