La Riviera

Medical Center

La Riviera is a leading aesthetic improvement center. With an expert team of professionals and cutting-edge technology, we offer safe and effective treatments to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals with confidence and satisfaction. Our commitment lies in providing exceptional results.

La Riviera Medical Center

Aesthetic Medical Center

We provide quality medical care with a focus on holistic health and wellness. Find out how we can help you feel better today!

Our facilities

Our facilities are designed to provide comfort, safety, and an environment conducive to medical care. offering the best stay to the patient.

Our team

Our team is made up of passionate, highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional care to our patients. 

Our services

Our goal at La Riviera Medical Center is to bring out the beauty that is hidden within you! To achieve this, we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical services (facial and body) to get you the results you crave.

 Ask us! Our team of specialists will guide you.


“Excellent service, very good attention and the procedures are great!! Very satisfied with my results!! And I’m going for the second procedure.”

Betzy Mejías

“The attention is excellent. Very professional with the entire procedure of my cosmetic surgery. My body looks great Thank you for so much dedication.”

Letti Ibarra

“Excellent service at the La Riviera clinic. I was fascinated with the results. I recommend it 100%. The rooms are super clean. The people who work there are super friendly. I loved the place. 😍


Mary Salgado

“Many women and men of the African-American culture have come to the clinic and it has been satisfactory. We are very happy with their professional services. We truly recommend their aesthetic services”

Yoruba Lousiana

“I was fascinated with my change, truly without them my dream would not have come true, they raised my self-esteem to a thousand, they changed my lifestyle physically and psychologically, it really was a step to love myself more and believe in me”

Ámbar Alvarado

“Excellent service and wonderful attention. Exactly what we all need when it comes to a medical center. Highly recommended for their professionalism.”

Annareya Gómez

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