Firm and tone your breasts with these exercises

If you want to firm and tone your breasts, this article is for you.

As time goes by, it is normal for our breasts to lose their firmness; this happens for different reasons, such as sudden weight changes or pregnancy. These factors are some of the most common, which is why the bust tends to lose its elasticity, tone and firmness.

But do not worry! If you are going through some of those moments, which all women go through at some point in our lives, you should know that there are exercises to do from home or in the gym that will help you regain the tone and firmness of your bust.

Below, we present some of the most effective exercises to restore firmness and tone to your breasts.

Exercise routine to firm your breasts

Before exercise

Like any exercise routine, it is important to start with stretches and movements that prepare your body for the following actions and positions. It is recommended to warm up for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, in order to prevent any muscle injury.

You also need to remember that maintaining proper posture is essential for performing the exercises, so don’t forget to keep your back straight as well as contract your abdomen.

Exercise 1

For this exercise you need:

  • A chair or bench.
  • a pair of weights

Lie your back on the chair or bench, take one of the weights in each hand. Next, bend your elbows and lower your arms until the dumbbells are at the level of your chest. Your elbows should point away from your body. This will be your starting position.

Next, raise the weights upward, keeping the path above and straight on your chest. Then, lower yourself again, returning to the starting position.

It is important that the movement is performed in a controlled manner, raising and lowering the weights slowly.

Exercise 2

For this exercise you need:

  • A chair or bench.
  • a pair of weights

To perform this exercise, take the position from exercise #1, with the difference that your initial position this time is with your arms extended upward. Then, drop the weight of the dumbbells on each side, without bending your elbows much, until they reach the height of your chest. 

Like the previous exercise, you must control the movement, lowering and raising slowly, contracting the abdomen. Then return to the starting position and repeat. This exercise is known as Horizontal Fly.

Exercise 3

Push-ups are one of the best-known and ideal exercises to tone the pectoral area. 

Push-ups strengthen the core muscles and also the arms. To perform this exercise you must stand with your arms straight towards the ground, placing your hands a little beyond the width of your shoulders. 

In the case of your lower extremities, you should have your legs extended and only the tips of your feet should touch the ground. When performing the exercise, you must tense your entire body, so that it remains in a straight line position. That is your initial position.

Then, flex your arms and slowly lower your upper body until your arms are parallel to the ground, resume the initial position, upward, and repeat the movement.

As a beginner, this exercise can be a little difficult to handle, which is why we recommend starting the push-ups supporting your knees, as you advance and strengthen your arms and chest, change and start placing your toes.

In general, start performing these exercises with a routine of 3 sets of 5 repetitions, after a month increase the number of repetitions to 10.

Don’t forget that diet will also influence the results, so maintain a balanced diet.