exercises to tone buttocks after cosmetic surgery

Performing exercises to tone buttocks seems to be the next step for those who want this area to be perfect. However, several aspects should be considered before starting a routine. Among these we have the type of buttock augmentation what they did to you and the post-operative time that elapsed until that moment. Now we will give you several tips after a buttock augmentation.

Why do exercises to tone your glutes after a breast augmentation?

You are probably wondering why you should do an exercise routine after the recovery time. aesthetic surgery. The main reason is to maintain and even improve the results of the operation. You can get a toned and attractive body that impresses the public eye.  

Exercises to tone cardiovascular glutes

Cardiovascular exercises to tone the glutes are the most recommended for people who have undergone buttock augmentation. These will gradually tone the muscles of your body and at the same time will not affect the results of the operation. You can start with simple exercises, such as light walks and then increase to light jogging.

You can increase distances or time, depending on the factor you use to limit your workouts. 

These exercises will not only help your legs develop greater strength and look more defined. They will also improve blood circulation in your body, preventing diseases related to cholesterol and triglycerides.

Depending on the type of buttock augmentation, you can perform these types of activities at different times. In the case of fat insertion in this area of the body, it is recommended from the 2nd to the third week, according to the patient’s condition. If they are silicone implants, it is recommended to start this type of activities after 4 to 5 weeks. 

Strength exercises

Doing physical strength exercises to tone your glutes is also recommended, as it tones specific parts of your glutes, thighs, and legs. This allows you to have more precise effects on your appearance and achieve the body you want so much. It is advisable to start with activities using your own body weight such as squats, raising the pelvis off the ground, raising and lowering the leg, jumping with squats, among others.

It is advisable to perform these exercises gently and increase them little by little. You can increase them, either by increasing the number of repetitions or using weights to increase the effort. These types of exercises can be done every day, but rotate the areas to be worked on.

As for the time to perform this type of exercises, it is almost the same as for cardiovascular exercises. 2 Weeks for fatty implants and 4 to 5 weeks for silicone implants.

Other exercises

You can do other types of exercises to tone your glutes. You can do hiking, kickboxing and spinning, although for the latter you should make sure you don’t spend a lot of time sitting. 

These exercises are recommended to be performed after the first month of the operation in fat-based augmentations and a month and a half to 2 months in silicone implants.

Combining exercises

It should be noted that exercises to tone buttocks are not exclusive, in fact they can be combined to improve their effects. For example, you can do cardiovascular exercises to start the routine and warm up the body. Subsequently, you can perform strength exercises to improve the results of cardiovascular exercise.

We recommend that you do these types of routines in spaces that are comfortable for you and where you can relax. This way you can reduce body tension and you can take advantage of the exercise. 

Final comments

It is recommended that before performing the exercise routine to tone your glutes, consult with your doctor. This is to determine your current status and know if you will not have any negative setbacks in the effects of the operation. He will tell you if you can start or if you should wait a while longer to ensure you have the look you want.