What is cosmetic surgery?

A cosmetic surgery is an intervention that is performed to improve the person’s appearance, depending on what you want to achieve. You can do fat removal, incorporation of fats or synthetic elements to increase a desired area. The results are usually those desired, as long as the patient follows the surgeon’s instructions.

Factors you should consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery.

There are certain factors that you should consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery. The feasibility of the operation will depend on these and that the results are not only palpable, but that you are satisfied with them.

  • Expectations and reasons: The first thing you must determine are the reasons and expectations for the operation. The reasons like low self-esteem, that make you want to look like a movie star or singer, are not valid. First because you won’t look like a star, you will look much better, but those expectations are too high. The second is because your personal appearance has no relationship with your self-love and that must be worked on in another way.
  • Bills: The costs of cosmetic surgery are high, not only because of the operating expenses. It also has other elements that affect economics, such as post-operative control and items that must be used to make adjustments or maintain the desired results. To this we must add that insurance companies do not cover this type of medical services. 
  • Recovery: After cosmetic surgery you will have to spend some time recovering. This is so that the tissues heal and the body adapts to its new elements. This implies that you will have to invest an amount of time so that your body is at 100%. Failure to do so may damage the results obtained from the surgical intervention.
  • Your own body: You must know your own body and know how much you can aim to increase or decrease. On many occasions, patients want to perform augmentations that their body cannot support. An example of this is breast augmentation, in which some people get sizes that do not match the structure of their body, causing discomfort and damage to the back.

Tips before having cosmetic surgery

The first thing you should do is locate and talk to a surgeon. Can contact La Riviera Medical Center, since we have several who can help and advise you. By doing so, he will be able to evaluate your case, determine the situation in your body and advise you on the best way to proceed, according to the results you want to achieve.

Once you have spoken with the specialist, it is important that you follow their recommendations before, during and after the procedure. This is to guarantee that the results you obtain last over time. 

Another piece of advice we offer you is to start eating healthy before and after the intervention. Eating healthy, avoiding fats, alcohol and cigarettes, will not only help the body with the healing processes. You will be able to avoid complications during cosmetic surgery. Physical exercise can be added to this. It is advisable to consult all of this with the surgeon who can guide you in which foods and activities are most beneficial for you.

Final comments  

If you want to have cosmetic surgery and don’t know how to start, you can call La Riviera Medical Center and we will gladly assist you. We can help you get the results you want, maintaining them with the best care and implements.

We will guide you towards the appropriate sizes for your body, depending on the area you want to increase or decrease. You can have a great appearance, appropriate to your physical characteristics, so you can bring out your best version. 

Also remember to create habits that keep you healthy, so that you not only look great on the outside, but that your insides are in perfect condition.