Types of methods to perform breast augmentation

One of the aesthetic operations Most popular among women is breast augmentation. You probably already have an idea of the tamaño y  apariencia que deseas para tus senos pero, ¿Conoces los diferentes tipos de aumentos de senos?

Cuando se habla de aumento de busto, inmediatamente se piensa en prótesis, pues es el método de aumento más conocido entre las personas. Sin embargo, no es el único

Below we will tell you what they are.

Types of breast augmentations

Breast augmentations with prostheses 

Breast prostheses or implants are the aesthetic surgery that most women opt for; many celebrities have made this method known thanks to their breast augmentation.

It should be noted that, as the years and medical advances in this area go by, the results that this procedure offers today are better.

Currently there are different types of breast implants, from which the patient can choose, which allows them to offer results with a more natural appearance, and which also promises to maintain their shape for much longer.

Breast augmentation with lipofilling

This is a technique that is increasingly making its way into the world of breast augmentation procedures, especially if the patient is looking for a more natural appearance.

This method consists of extracting fat (liposuction) in the areas of the body where it is located. This procedure represents a double benefit for the patient, since it will not only increase the size of your bust, but it will also be able to eliminate fat accumulated in your body.

However, this method is not applicable to every patient, since perhaps not everyone can keep with the body fat index that will be needed for this procedure.

This is one of the types of breast augmentations that offers very natural results, not only in appearance but also in volume, since if the patient increases or loses weight the size of the breasts will be affected, just as it would happen with non-operated breasts.

Breast augmentation with lipomammoplasty

Lipomamplasty is a fusion of the first two types of breast augmentations mentioned above. Lipomamplasty promises the natural appearance of lipofilling along with the permanence of volume offered by a breast implant.

Through this process, part of the patient’s fat is extracted, then the adipose tissue is introduced into the breast to later place the silicone prosthesis.

This procedure allows the fatty tissue to last longer in the body, since it is not performed subcutaneously.

However, as in the previous case, not all patients can opt for this surgery, since liposuction is required.

Breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Perhaps at some point you have heard that the hyaluronic acid It could also be an option to increase your breasts, AND without having to undergo surgery!

Something that undoubtedly caught the attention of many women who did not want to obtain volume using breast prostheses.

This technique was a good option at first, but later it was completely discarded by doctors, since it was shown that the presence of hyaluronic acid in the breasts prevented the correct visualization of radiology and imaging exams for the detection of tumors in this zone. Something that could not be allowed.

Have you heard about the types of breast augmentations?

As you can see, you not only have one option, you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

But, don’t forget that you should always listen to the advice of a professional, in order to perform the technique that best suits your body.