Myths and truths about weight loss diets

Filtering the information we read has never been more necessary than now, and especially on topics that can affect our health. Many look for ways to lose weight and find information that does not provide a solution.

Today’s advertising captures attention, headlines such as: “Lose weight in a week!, The diet that will make you lose 10 kilos!, Show off a slim figure in less than you think!”

Of course they are headlines that capture interest according to the need, but we must not forget that not everything that glitters is gold, and that you should investigate before starting a diet.

How do you know which diet is the most effective for losing weight?

The truth is that more and more content tends to go viral that then becomes fashionable among Internet users, and diets are no exception.

There are popularized myths and forgotten truths, below we will name one of the best known:

Fad diets are the best way to lose weight permanently.

Myth The truth is that the diet fashion trends will possibly help you lose weight quickly, since most of them propose a rigorous method to obtain results in the shortest possible time. However, they are usually not very healthy in the long term, which is why you will not lose weight permanently.

Grain derivatives, such as pasta, rice and breads, are not good because they make you fat.

Myth The truth is that grains are classified in two ways, whole and refined.

The first is the whole grain which retains most of its properties such as the endosperm, the germ and the bran. The other is the treated grain, which during its refinement loses the aforementioned properties, also iron, dietary fiber and several of the components of vitamin B.

There are people who can eat anything without gaining weight and even lose weight.

Myth The truth is That, to lose weight and eliminate unwanted fat, you must burn more calories than you consume and drink daily. There are people who apparently can eat whatever they want without gaining weight, but if they want to lose weight they must spend more calories than they ingest.

In these cases, there are some factors that must be taken into account which can influence weight gain or loss. Day-to-day habits, medication consumption, age and inherited genetics, all of this influences how a person performs during weight loss. At the end of the day, every body is different.

If you eliminate one of the meals, you will lose weight faster.

Myth The truth is If you skip some of the meals you will start to feel much hungrier, so you will end up eating more than usual at the next meal.

Stopping one of the meals will not influence weight loss if what you eat is unhealthy. A healthy breakfast can help you achieve your weight goal, as can lunch and dinner, remembering that it is necessary to burn more calories than you consume.

Some of the most popular myths are:

You should not train with weights if you want to lose weight, the fat will harden and you will not be able to lose it.

The truth is that submitting to Workout routines That involve weight will not only help you improve muscles, but you will also burn more calories. Adding weight routines to your workouts, two or three times a week, will strengthen your muscles without causing a muscular appearance.

Only long exercise routines have an effect.

The truth is that It is not necessary to undergo long periods of training to lose weight. Aerobic exercises are ideal for losing weight and you can practice them for short periods of time, walking, running or doing dance therapy are some of them. You can do 10-minute routines and repeat them two or three times a day.

The truth is each body tells a different storySome fad diets may offer results in a short period, but practicing them for a long time can affect your well-being. It is best to go to a professional of health, which indicates the diet that best suits your body and allows you to lose weight at your own pace.