6 recommendations after breast augmentation

The aesthetic surgery Noticide breast augmentation is very common today, both due to the fact that women want to look better, and due to the development of medical technology. every day the risks These operations are rare, almost non-existent, which is why women choose to enlarge them to increase their femininity.

A fact to keep in mind is that there are certain aspects to take into account so that the effects of the operation are lasting in the long term.

1. Comply with rest

When leaving breast augmentation surgery, it is advisable to rest. This means avoiding sudden movements, especially in the arm area. You should also avoid extending them, either towards the upper part of the body, towards the front or other areas of the body.

This is very important, since these movements can cause the breast prosthesis to move during the healing process.

For this reason, it is recommended that the person spend at least 2 weeks without doing any of the aforementioned movements and not carry objects weighing more than 4 kilograms.

It is advisable to keep in mind that everyone’s healing time is different, so rest times may vary. 

2. Maintain Compression

Maintaining compression in the bust is recommended, this does not only involve using a breast band. It also includes wearing a bra of the appropriate size, that is, the same proportion of the increase made.

Doing this allows the breasts to remain in their position, while the tissues regenerate and heal. Failure to respect this can cause the implants to move and the desired visible result may not be achieved.

3. Moisturize the skin

The increase performed generates an increase in the skin that is stretched, but if we add the inflammation of the tissues due to the procedure, it can cause some type of irritation. Therefore, it is advisable to apply moisturizing creams to avoid these conditions.

4. Sleep with your trunk inclined

After the operation, it is best to sleep slightly inclined to avoid inflammation in the places where the operation was performed. To achieve this, you can help yourself with pillows, sheets, blankets or cushions that can direct your body in the desired direction.

Something you should avoid in the first months after breast augmentation surgery is sleeping on your side or face down. It may be uncomfortable at first if you’re not used to it, but it should be done to avoid problems.

5. Follow a healthy lifestyle

It may sound obvious, however, many ignore this fact and it causes problems after breast augmentation. It is advisable to constantly intake water, as well as proteins, especially vegetables, to accelerate the generation of tissues in the body and help healing.

It is also advisable to avoid the consumption of drugs, even if they are legal, such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, coffee, among others. This so that there is greater oxygenation in the blood and the body can recover faster from the procedure.

6. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is essential after the breast augmentation procedure. Among these we can mention manual lymphatic drainage, which you should perform periodically to avoid inflammation in the breast areas. It is essential that before starting these activities, you consult with your treating doctor, when he tells you that it is favorable to do so, you can start with this.

How you see a breast augmentation operation going the way you want it doesn’t just depend on the doctor. It is also important that you be careful so that the results achieved can be maintained. It is important that you follow to the letter the advice of the surgeon who performed the operation and is guiding you throughout the post-operative process.