Supplements to consume after cosmetic surgery

If you want to know which supplements are good for you after cosmetic surgery, we recommend you continue reading this post. There are some elements that can benefit us and speed up our recovery, although some can have adverse effects.

Supplements to consume after cosmetic surgery

There are several supplements that we can consume to complement our diet and fill nutritional gaps and help us recover from a aesthetic surgery. An example of this is fiber, whether in powder form or as food, as is the case with oats. Consuming fiber will help tissue regeneration, helping you recover from injuries faster.

Plant protein is also a good idea, as it contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids that the body requires to produce and repair tissues. It is recommended that it be vegetable and not animal, since it does not contain fatty acids that harm health, increase the level of fats, cholesterol and other elements in the blood.

Complex B is also a good option if you want to reduce the pain of the operation. Vitamin B as a supplement after cosmetic surgery is recommended, since it reduces inflammation of injured tissues during the intervention. This will allow the patient to go through the postoperative process with less pain.

Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are good options to avoid muscle cramps, either in the operated areas or in other parts of the body. This is because at rest one is usually lying down, causing discomfort in some muscles due to the position. Calcium and magnesium reduce spasms, regulating the natural movement of the muscle, and vitamin D serves as a vehicle for the assimilation of these minerals.

To avoid complications with diseases such as fever, you can take supplements to raise the body’s defenses. For example, you can take Vitamin C, D combined with B complex and Zinc. Vitamin C prevents the introduction of harmful elements, B complex, vitamin D and Zinc help expel infections from the body.

Supplements to avoid consuming after cosmetic surgery

There are some supplements that are not recommended for consumption, since they complicate recovery or at least delay it. An example of this are those based on garlic that are frequently used to cleanse the blood, whether for hypertension, cholesterol and triglycerides.

The problem with this type of supplements is that they also reduce the ability of blood to clot. This prevents the wounds from closing easily; in fact, these types of elements are prohibited from being consumed before, during or after an intervention.

If you are allergic to any type of element such as citrus fruits or gluten, it is better not to consume them. In that case, we recommend that before consuming something you check its composition and consult with your treating doctor.

Until when to supplement

The truth is that you should never stop taking supplements, the more natural the better. This so that your body can obtain the nutrients it requires and can have a long life. However, if you want to stop consuming them, it is best to do so when the postoperative recovery process is complete.

It is also advisable to consult your doctor if you want to stop consuming any supplement. Either because it is not providing the desired effects or because it is having repercussions on its consumption. The treating doctor will tell you what other elements you can take so that you can continue advancing in your recovery.

It should be noted that it is advisable to be in control with your doctor at all times. If you have any situation with your operation, you can contact us that our team of professionals will assist you with pleasure and professionalism.