When can I cook after breast augmentation?

If you’re wondering, how long will it take to get back to my routine after a breast augmentation? You also want to know: When can I cook after a Breast augmentation?

You should know that each operation has a certain recovery time, it all depends on the difficulty of the surgery, the area that was worked on, among others.

Postoperative recovery, like surgery, is an extremely important step to achieve the previously established objectives without presenting any aggravation. For this reason, it is necessary to listen to and follow the instructions given by your doctor, in order to achieve the proposed expectations without complications. So if you want to cook after breast augmentation, you should wait a reasonable amount of time.

When can I cook after breast augmentation?

To cook after breast augmentation, you must wait at least 5 days after the procedure. It is important that you avoid lifting heavy objects during the first 15 days, you can lift light weights and gradually increase them, as the doctor indicates.

This is why it is advisable to have a friend, family member or helper who can contribute with the preparation of the meals prescribed for your diet and help you with basic daily activities.

 When can I resume my daily routine after a breast augmentation?

The approximate time to resume your daily routine after the surgery, it is approximately between 10 and 15 days later. You will be able to return to work and go for a walk, but without doing exercises that involve working the upper body. In the case of cooking after breast augmentation, it is also advisable to do it at that time, especially if you are going to use knives and repetitive arm movements.

You should know that, from the second day after the operation, massages and exercises begin that will help you achieve a more natural appearance to your breasts, in addition to preventing complications such as capsular contracture, common in this type. of surgery.

You will be able to drive again approximately after 48 hours, as long as you are not taking medications that may affect your motor skills, so you should consult your doctor so that there are no problems while driving.

Tips to speed up your recovery process after breast augmentation

To help your body recover properly it is necessary to follow a daily routine that helps recovery. We will give you some tips that you can follow:

  • Stay hydrated. One of the most common symptoms after breast augmentation is constipation, so drinking water will help you get things back on track. In addition to this, consuming water helps reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid drinks like: alcohol, carbonated and caffeinated.
  • Take the medications. Be diligent about taking each medication prescribed by your doctor, in case you have postoperative pain. Preferably take it with meals to prevent nausea or other side effects.
  • Take care of your sleeping position. For the next 6 weeks it is necessary to sleep on your back and with your upper part slightly elevated, as this position will help reduce inflammation, in addition to preventing the implant from shifting before healing.  
  • Zipper clothing. It is advisable to wear jackets with zippers and button-down shirts during the first weeks, as they are easy to use and avoid any overexertion.
  • Keep moving. It is advisable to walk gently, in addition to doing simple and light activities; moving your body regularly will help prevent them from becoming stiff. However, you should not lift heavy objects or stretch during the first week.
  • Do not wet the operated area. You should maintain good wound hygiene, but you should not get it wet or expose the area to external agents, in order to avoid infections.
  • Keep every scheduled appointment with your doctor.

It should be noted that each case is unique and that the days it takes to recover may vary depending on the type of surgery that was performed and the patient’s recovery capacity. If you follow the instructions given by your doctor and check with this one when you can cook again after breast augmentation.