What size breast augmentation to choose?

One of the most common cosmetic surgeries among women is breast augmentation, if you don’t like the size you currently have and you want to go one or two sizes up, stay! We will tell you some tips that will help you decide what size breast augmentation to choose.

What size are you?

When buying a new bra you can find measurements such as 28A, 30A, 32B, among others, which indicate the right one for you, taking into account the back size (28,30,32) and the cup size ( A, B, C) according to breast volume.

 The truth is, the natural volume of the breast plays an important role When choosing the prosthesis, if you want to show off a C cup and you currently use A cup, it means that the implant you will choose will be larger in order to increase two cups, but if you are a B cup the implant can be smaller in order to increase only a glass.

 What size breast augmentation are there?

 Implants are measured in ‘cc’, that is, cubic centimeters and you can choose from 80cc to 800cc. Everything will depend on the cup size you want to show off and the indications that your doctor advises you.   

 As we mentioned before, the natural volume of your breast alters the implant to be used.

A 130 cc or 175 cc prosthesis will help you increase one cup size, while a 320-350 cc prosthesis could increase 2 to 3 cups.

 If you want to know more exactly how many cups you can increase according to the size of the prosthesis, you can perform the following operation: Divide the number of cubic centimeters of the implant by 140cc. 

 For example, 450cc divided by 140cc equals 3.2. Therefore, the increase will be 3 cups and you can go from being an A cup to a D cup.

 How do you know what size breast augmentation to choose?

 There are methods you can do from the comfort of your home to get an idea of ​​what size breast augmentation you could choose.

  • Rice prosthesis. Using Rice, a pair of socks and a weight and by converting cubic centimeters to grams of rice, you can create a homemade prosthesis.

For example, if you want to increase a cup size (175cc), you cut 30cm of socks, avoiding the area where the foot goes, tie the bottom part closed and pour 126 grams of rice. Then you close it and place it in your bra, and that’s it (in case you want to increase two sizes, 350cc is equal to 252g of rice).

  • water prosthesis. In this case, the conversion is not necessary since 1ml is equivalent to 1cc. You will only need two plastic bags and 175ml or 350ml of water for each bag. When you finish them, place them in your bra and proceed to measure shirts or dresses and decide which one you feel most comfortable with.

 Implant calibration

 An implant calibration session in the clinic where you will do the surgery is the best option when choosing the size of your prosthesis, you will be under the supervision of a professional who will not only indicate the appropriate size according to your characteristics but will also provide you with advice and answers to any questions you may have. have about the intervention.

 Do not forget 

Whatever volume you decide, it is important that you take into account some factors such as: the proportions of your body and the volume of your chest.

 Likewise, if you are a person who has exercise habits and fitness life, these can be altered due to breast augmentation as certain physical activities can become a little uncomfortable.

 Therefore, it is important that you think about your comfort and well-being, so that the new change adapts to your daily routine and personality.