Symptoms after breast augmentation

The Cosmetic surgeries They are common today, to restore that youthful and radiant appearance to the body. One of the most common is breast surgery, whether to reduce its size, increase it or lift the bust. However, few know what the symptoms are after breast augmentation and what activities you can do while you suffer from them.

Symptoms after breast augmentation

There are several symptoms that are caused by the procedures that the specialist had to do to cause the desired effects. Among the most common we have pain in the pectoral area, as well as swelling and bruising due to wounds from the operation. Also due to the adaptation of the body to the new added elements.

Other symptoms that may appear are mild fevers, as part of the body’s autoimmune system response. This is due to the introduction of foreign elements during the surgery which will disappear in a few days. This can be accompanied by fatigue in the body, which will also apply little by little.

Generally these symptoms can last a short time. After they do it, you can do some activities that your doctor tells you. Whether they are short walks around the home, so that blood flow flows normally and can accelerate the healing process. It is recommended that you ask the doctor what type of activities you can do, which ones are prohibited and how long you can do them.

It is also recommended that you be aware of symptoms that are not normal during the operation, to avoid complications. For example, if you have a high fever for a long time, it is recommended that you consult a doctor. Also if you glimpse green or yellowish discharge from wounds.

Recommended activities after surgery

You certainly have limitations when having a breast augmentation, due to injuries. However, there are certain activities you can do to speed up the healing process. Better said to keep it at its maximum speed, instead of being delayed by the characteristics of the human body.

The first thing, as we mentioned before, is to take walks after the first 3 days of breast augmentation. This so that blood flow remains active, promoting healing and the generation of new cells in the body. Keeping the blood clean without toxic elements is also necessary, which is why a good diet and suplementación.

Among the recommendations for a good diet after cosmetic surgery are fruits, vegetables and grains. This is because they keep the blood clean, not so thick, allowing it to flow. In addition, due to the protein sources of grains, as well as oats and wheat, it helps in the formation of new tissues and maintaining the healing rate.

On the contrary, if you consume a lot of saturated fats, it can cause the blood and body to become contaminated. This would cause the cells to go through their life cycle more slowly, causing your recovery to be slower and slower.

For this reason, maintain a balanced diet, at least during the recovery time. However, it is advisable to maintain it so that your body is healthy.

Final comments

As you can see, the symptoms after breast augmentation are varied, but simple. However, it is advisable to be attentive to them to avoid post-operative complications. It is advisable to always be in communication with the doctor, when detecting an anomaly in your recovery process.

It is also recommended that you check what foods can help relieve symptoms after breast augmentation. This way you can spend a more pleasant and comfortable recovery time. Also check what accessories you can use to alleviate the discomfort left by the operation.