Do proteins help recovery from cosmetic surgery?

This is one of the questions asked by people who are recovering from a aesthetic surgery. La respuesta es sí aunque también hay que considerar la fuente proteica que vamos a utilizar, ya que algunas tienen elementos que pueden retrasar nuestra recuperación.

Why do proteins help recovery from cosmetic surgery? 

If you wonder why proteins help the body recover, the reason is simple and it is that the body is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids that are provided by proteins. These allow the creation of new cells and tissues in the body, which facilitates the healing and regeneration of wounds.

Consuming protein sources during recovery from cosmetic surgery is recommended, so that the wounds caused by the operation heal more easily. Its consumption is recommended, especially at breakfast, considering that it is the time of best absorption of nutrients by the body.

You can consume several options, but it would be advisable to avoid consuming foods that, in addition to proteins, contain other not so beneficial elements. For example, they contain saturated fats or are rich in refined sugars that can harm your health and your recovery instead of helping it.

What foods are recommended?

As we mentioned, proteins are important, but we must know which one to choose and how to eat them. For example, foods based on animal meat are rich in protein, but they also contain Saturated fats. Which makes it one of the options that we should avoid or at least eat in small quantities.

Eggs are another protein-rich food that you can eat in considerable quantities. However, it should be kept in mind that it cannot be ingested in all forms of cooking. The most recommended is to eat it parboiled, since it greatly limits saturated fats and this form does not cause much harm, but it does cause many benefits.

Another food you can eat is oats and also grains, such as peas, and soy. All of these contain essential amino acids, in large quantities and have the additional benefit that they do not contain any harmful elements for the body. Therefore you can consume it as many times as you want, and be able to have a faster recovery.

As you can detail, you have options to feed yourself with sources rich in protein, at least when recovering from cosmetic surgery. However, it does not mean that you should eat only that, you can add variety or combine foods in a way that increases their effectiveness. For example, you can eat a boiled egg with a glass of oatmeal made with soy milk. 

You can eat meat in small portions and grilled to minimize the effects of fats on your body. You can also eat avocado, which can help cleanse your blood, since it contains good fat or good cholesterol. This allows the elimination of auxins and harmful fats from the bloodstream.

If you have questions about what you can eat or what options you can make, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. This can send you a diet or at least recommend a nutritionist who can tell you how to put together a meal full of protein, that is healthy and that you can enjoy.

Final comments

As you can see, proteins are necessary in recovery from cosmetic surgery. However, not only in this process, we really must eat many sources of protein all the time, so that our body remains in optimal condition, due to its own constitution.

For this reason, it is recommended that you eat different sources of protein, each in a certain amount, depending on the type of food it is. Since to be healthy, the first thing we must do is eat correctly.