Breast augmentation: local or general anesthesia?

Breast augmentation is a aesthetic surgery which is generally performed using general anesthesia in patients, that is, you will be completely asleep throughout the intervention.

Believe it or not, sometimes breast augmentation is performed by applying local anesthesia to patients. This happens because many think that by applying general anesthesia it is possible not to wake up. 

That is why it is important to go to a certified professional, so that they can explain the risks, provide you with the information and security you need. 

First of all we have to ask ourselves, 

What is local and general anesthesia?

It can be practiced in a breast augmentation local or general anesthesia, In the case of the first option, the patient only numbs the area to be operated on, so intubation will not be necessary.

By correctly applying the Local anesthesia, and in combination with other sedatives, the patient will be induced to be in a state of lethargy and pleasant relaxation, in which they will be able to answer some questions during their intervention. In cases like these, what is known as ‘retrograde amnesia’ occurs in which the patient does not remember anything about the operation.

On the other hand, when general anesthesia is applied, the entire body is numbed, so that the patient’s vital reflexes are compromised and it is necessary to intubate to ensure that he or she breathes throughout the intervention.


Local anesthesia

In the case of a breast augmentation local or general anesthesia, The advantages vary in each of the options. 

Among the advantages of local anesthesia are:

  • Natural breathing. There will be no need for intubation, as your natural breathing reflex will not be compromised.
  • Without injuries. By not needing to be intubated, you will not suffer from the possible injuries that artificial respiration can cause, so you will have a recovery with less discomfort.
  • Less pain. As it is local, the numbing effect in the area can last after the operation, so you will not feel as much pain, then the necessary painkillers will be prescribed.

General anesthesia

Among the advantages of general anesthesia are:

  • Undisturbed. By falling asleep completely, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • Precision and security. When general anesthesia is applied, it does not leak into the breast tissue, allowing work with more precision and safety.
  • Comfort. This type of anesthesia provides more comfort to the patient during the duration of the operation.
  • Ease. Just as patient comfort matters, doctors tend to feel more comfortable applying general anesthesia, as it makes it easier for the practitioner to work faster and be precise, in order to achieve the satisfactory results you want.


In a breast augmentation local or general anesthesia, There are drawbacks between each of the anesthesia options.

Local anesthesia

You may feel some discomfort during the procedure.

The operation process can be a little slow, since you have to make sure to properly numb the area to be operated on.

General anesthesia

Natural breathing is compromised so it is necessary to intubate the patient.

Sometimes artificial respiration can cause injury to the patient.

By resuscitating and removing the effect of general anesthesia, post-surgery pain also comes with it, unlike local anesthesia that helps to face a painless recovery. 


I already know that, in a Breast augmentation applies local or general anesthesia, The risks that arise when undergoing surgery are the same. In this way, local anesthesia is not a solution to reduce the risks of general anesthesia.

So we remember that the most important thing when undergoing any surgery is to look for a certified professional that you can trust.