What happens before and after a buttock augmentation?

If you are considering or have decided to have a increasing of buttocks, and you want to know the before and after of this surgery, stay and we will tell you what you can expect from your operation.

Buttock augmentation is one of the most sought-after aesthetic surgeries and, along with breast enlargement and liposuction are part of the procedures that aim to give your body the harmonious figure that you so desire.

Buttock augmentation before and after


If you have already chosen the plastic surgeon who will carry out your buttock lift surgery, the first step will be to attend a medical consultation where, most likely, the professional will request:

Medical history. You need to be prepared to answer questions related to your medical history, such as illnesses you have or have suffered, and report if you are taking any medication or have recently stopped taking it. If this is the case and you have performed surgery, you should tell your doctor.

In a buttock augmentation before and after, it is necessary to inquire about the patient’s weight, since since it is related to weight loss, it is most likely that during the consultation they will ask you in detail about eating habits, and weight gain and loss.

Physical exam. A blood test will be necessary, and the professional in charge will examine your skin, lower body, and buttocks to determine the best treatment for you. Although it may be a little uncomfortable, the doctor may take photographs of the buttocks for the medical record.

Motives and expectations. This is the time to explain the reasons why you want to have a butt lift and share the expectations you have. It is necessary that in a buttock augmentation before and after, understand the risks and benefits of surgery.

Among some of the parameters that you must follow before surgery are:

  • No Smoking
  • Keep your weight stable
  • Avoid medications indicated by the surgeon.
  • Make preparations after surgery, this includes the person who will help you during the recovery process.


After surgery, the incision will be covered with surgical bandage, placing the necessary drainage near the suture, to remove any excess blood or fluid.

During the first days the medical team will be there to help you walk, so that blood clots do not form.

In a buttock augmentation after, it is normal to feel pain with moderate intensity, all of this will be controlled from the beginning with intravenous analgesic.

Depending on the case, your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics and medications to prevent blood clots from forming.

 The days after your surgery, and during the following weeks, you will begin to wear a bra, in order to prevent fluid accumulation and help healing. 

The appearance of the scar will improve as the days go by, improving even more over time, for this you must be up to date with treatments such as healing creams and massages.

The healing process for buttock enlargement can be a little slower than for breast enlargement, so in the first months you should try not to move as much and increase weight or activity progressively, without rushing. On the other hand, avoid positions that cause tension in the suture line.
As a last point, always go with a certified professional, so they are qualified to guide you through the process and this way you know what to expect from a buttock augmentation before and after.