Platelet Rich Plasma

Get younger skin with our Platelet Rich Plasma service. With this you can greatly reduce and eliminate facial wrinkles, expression marks, dark circles, and other imperfections caused by time.

At Riviera Medical Center We advise you how you can perform this treatment and get the most out of it.

Eliminate wrinkles and expression lines

With platelet-rich plasma treatment you can almost completely eliminate wrinkles and expression lines on your skin. You will be able to have more youthful skin in a healthy, safe and minimally invasive way.

Elasticity in the skin

With our service you can recover the elasticity of your skin. Say goodbye to flabby or sagging Bulldog-style skin. You will be able to have firm skin in no time. 

Platelet-rich plasma helps collagen production

If you have a decrease in collagen in your skin that causes it to look dry and old. Our service stimulates the skin, causing collagen production in the face, giving you more radiant and youthful skin.