Aesthetic Surgery

With our aesthetic surgery services, get the figure and body you want, whether firmer legs and buttocks, a more defined waist, a flatter and more marked abdomen, breast augmentation, among others.

You will have the advice of professionals from La Riviera Medical Center who will guide you throughout the entire procedure, from the prerequisites to the treatments after the intervention.


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Stories of Change: Before and After

Remember that beauty is on the inside, but a touch of aesthetics can help it shine even brighter. Consult with the experts at La Riviera to discover how you can highlight your natural beauty!


With our Liposuction aesthetic surgery service, get rid of that unwanted fat and show off a stunning figure. You can show off your curves, also your marked abdomen, shape your legs and buttocks.

Our specialists will evaluate you and tell you the best way to proceed. They will also indicate the pre- and post-operative processes to guarantee the success of the operation.

Increasing of buttocks

Get the glutes you want on your body, forget about that undesirable fat you have in that area and get that solidity you want both there and in your legs.

At La Riviera Medical Center we study your current condition and suggest the different liposuction options we have for you. This includes not only liposuction but prerequisites and treatments after the service.

Cosmetic Surgery for Breast Augmentation

You want to increase the size of your breasts, make them firmer, feminine and provocative. We help you carry it out. Giving you the best options and get the bust you want

Our specialists in cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation will guide you to the best options, both in size, model and treatments that you should do after the operation.


Get the abdomen you want and get rid of the fat in your abdomen in an easy and simple way. 

We will guide you throughout the entire process, from physical examinations, procedure options and rest after the procedure.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Our rejuvenation surgery service seeks to restore your youth, your health to your female genitals so that you have the same behavior as you did at 20 years old. The service allows your vagina to lubricate normally, avoiding dryness and discomfort in the vaginal muscular walls.


Get rid of varicose veins and vericose veins, with our sclerotherapy service. These will fade almost completely and blood will circulate normally again.