General medicine

If you feel bad, have discomfort or want to have a check-up, you can take advantage of our general medicine services to treat any condition you have.

Our specialists will diagnose any disease you have, give you treatment for it and monitor your condition.


In our General Diagnostic Medicine service, we review the conditions you may have, as well as a general checkup on your body. We also send tests to check that everything is fine in your body, such as complete hematology.

If you want to check if everything is fine in your body, you can contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Medical Exams

At La Riviera Medical Center we perform the medical examinations you need to know the state of your health.

We have the best specialists to obtain the samples and obtain the most reliable results in the shortest time possible.


When we detect an illness, we will send you the appropriate treatment so that you can heal in the most optimal way. To do this, we will indicate the most recommended medications and activities according to your situation and we will monitor your healing progress.


Personalized attention

Our care staff will assist you in a personalized way, listening to every symptom or discomfort you have. They will also check the different affected areas to find the cause of the problem and solve it. They will find the best way for you to be healthy, according to your own condition.