Facial Cleansing

You are looking to have a cleaner, hydrated and healthier complexion, with our deep cleaning service we make it possible. With this you can eliminate impurities, toxins that you have in your pores, preventing the appearance of pimples, blackheads and other skin imperfections.

We recommend you make an appointment to have your face checked and our specialists will tell you how we can help you.

Professional checkup

At La Riviera Medical Center we check your face in detail. Looking for alterations in the complexion and establishing the right treatments so that you can show off radiant and healthy skin.

Deep cleaning

We carry out a deep cleansing of your skin. For this we use different creams and devices that eliminate impurities in the skin. They also allow pores clogged by dirt, pus and toxins to open, preventing acne.


We hydrate the skin with masks and creams to restore vitality to your skin. Free radicals and other elements affect it, but with our hydration service you can have healthy, hydrated and youthful skin. 

Post Treatment Service

Our service does not end in our offices, since we also make recommendations for maintenance therapies. This is to be able to prolong the effects of the therapies carried out. This way you can maintain the youth of your skin for much longer and in simple steps.