You want to have a check-up, you think you may be pregnant or you have some type of condition in that area. With Our Gynecology service we examine you, diagnose you and, if necessary, we take control of any situation that you present at the time.

Our specialists will examine you with the best instruments and tools and help you with whatever you need.

Routine Examination

We check your intimate area to verify that you do not have any condition in this area. Thus, with our gynecological service we help you confirm if you are healthy or if you have any situation, and then heal it.

Ovarian cysts

Our gynecology specialists will find the cysts you have on your ovaries and will help you reduce the pain they cause, while they send and control a treatment so that these conditions disappear and you return to your normal life.


Our gynecologists will help you throughout the birth process, whether it’s treatments to want to have a baby, tests to determine if you’re pregnant. We also perform the check-up of the pregnancy process, verifying the development of the fetus until birth. 

Ecografía Vaginal

If you want to check the condition of your vaginal area, to check the condition of it, either as a precaution, suspected pregnancy or cysts. To do this, the specialists at La Riviera Medical Center will use the best implements and the highest technology to provide you with the best image and results of this exam.